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Why is The New South Awesome?

The New South is awesome because it’s more than a

Drew Bunting album.  It’s a collaboration with

these awesome people:

Robbi Behr and Matthew Swanson of Idiots’Books, who wrote and illustrated a sixteen-page, full color short story based on the songs.  It comes free with the CD.

Brian Slattery, Published Author, who instigated the project, served as Den Mother, helped arrange the songs, contributed fiddle, banjo, guitar, and backing vocals, and listened to a lot of songs over the years, telling Drew which ones were good.

All four of them graduated from Williams College in 1997

and were English majors.


Other Essential Personnel include:

Joe “joebass” Dejarnette, who recorded, mixed and mastered the music, and played bass.  He did all this while touring this summer with

Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson.

Charlie Shaw, who rocked the drums and rocked them hard.  He makes his own baking powder.